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Long-lasting Artificial Grass in Perth at Great Prices

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Xtra Cool
$26.00 ( Roll Price ) per m2

Don't you just love the idea of having a rooftop or a yard with full of greenery? It will enhance your pleasure of sitting with your legs stretched and relax on a summer evening. However, covering the backyard or the lawn with lush green grass often becomes an added headache because of the requirement of maintenance. To relieve you from this stressful thought, all you need is to think of alternatives. We are here to fulfill your wish of having a green artificial or synthetic lawn in Perth with the right alternative that is the best artificial grass in Perth.

Installing artificial grass on the rooftop as well as in the yard is surely the wisest idea to cope up with alternative to natural grass. There is no need for watering, mowing or edging all year round. There is no reason to worry about weeds around your garden. You can just relax and enjoy lush, green grass with minimum maintenance.

Over the years, we have consistently delivered the best quality artificial turf with eight years guarantee at the best prices. It will take your time to realise that the grass is not real at all. You will soon be the proud owner of the best artificial or synthetic turf in Perth by covering the area with the lustrous greenery. Let us aware of some of the extensive benefits you can derive with our artificial grass.

Lush and green all year round

Our grass is 100% natural looking. You don’t need to worry about water reticulations to make the turf bright and healthy. It looks green and natural at all time with minimum maintenance, giving the lawn a great look lush and green all year round.

Pet and child-friendly

Our artificial grass is completely safe for both pets and children. They are tough enough to play for the pets and soft enough to play on for the children.

No harmful chemicals needed

Natural grass needs harsh weed killing chemicals and high fertilisers to keep them healthy. The artificial grass from Wattle Flooring is not only lead-free but also devoid of any chemicals.

Water Conservation

The installation of artificial grass will give you an opportunity for water conservation. Rainwater conservation has become mandatory around Australia to combat with the dry weather in the region. Moreover, as you cover your lawn with the most popular fake grass in Perth, it will help you to save a lot of water that you might need to maintain the natural grass.

We own a trained team of installers who are professionally skilled for turning your dull yard to a place you have always dreamt of having. Our company believes in need of water saving and catering to the need by producing the most affordable yet useful set of grasses. You may place your choice depending on the type of grass you want to your place. We will continue our journey of producing the best to upgrade your living standard.

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