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Vinyl has indeed come a long way into becoming a category which is renowned for its quality construction and a new sense of style which has seen its popularity soar among DIYers and designers alike. It is known to be another comfortable flooring option that replicates timber. While being easy to clean, tough and germ-resistant, it is something that is perfect for the homes that intend to get that wooden finish while keeping things easy for the pocket.

Here at Wattle Flooring, we have a wide range of vinyl flooring in Perth with which is likely to make your rooms look cosy as well as warm while ensuring that there is an aesthetical appeal to the overall appearance.

But considering there are so many flooring options these days, why will you choose vinyl flooring?

The popularity of vinyl flooring is so due to its durable and versatile nature along with the following factors.

  • They are easy to install without much of an effort
  • It is known to be economical and easy on the pocket
  • There is not much maintenance involved where a simple sweep cleans it
  • It suits perfectly with all weather conditions
  • It isn’t noisy when walked upon
  • You tend to stay warm and cosy

When it comes to making your house stand out and receiving appreciation from anyone who visits it, vinyl flooring can be the best option for you without having to spend much on its installation and maintenance. Another reason why more and more people are opting for vinyl flooring is its durability which is second to none. Also, they have an ultra-hygienic coating which ensures that it remains resilient against stains and scratches.

If you opt for this kind of flooring, you won’t have to incur much on maintenance. You can use warm water with sanitisers or disinfectants to mop these floors without even risking any damage to the floor due to the coating they have that prevents seepage. It is known to easily withstand high foot traffic. Also, they have an ultra-hygienic coating which ensures that it remains resilient against stains and scratches.

Unlike other flooring options, vinyl flooring is waterproof. This means that there is no need to use moisture proof sealers unlike wooden flooring if you are looking forward to install them in bathrooms and kitchens.